Vibrant Buys- Mothers Day Edition

Every year as kids, when Mother’s Day would roll around, we would ask my mom (the best mom ever, sorry everyone else) what she wanted for Mother’s Day.  Her response was always that all she wanted was for us to get along for ONE day! Now as a mother myself, I see wisdom in her request and find myself feeling the same way.  Whether or not we can guarantee a peaceful home for a 24 hour period, sometimes it’s nice to still have a gift or thoughtful item to present to the moms that make the world go around.

We are sharing with you a series of posts- highlighting different gift giving ideas, along with some shopping tips to help make your Mother’s Day buying, or suggesting, easier!

Before we hit you with some great gifting ideas, we wanted to share a couple of our tips for also scoring great deals.  I love a good deal.  Who doesn’t?  Here are some things I regularly do to help make sure I am getting the most bang for my buck…


Compare prices

If there is an item I know I want, I will often check a few different websites to see which retailer will offer me the best price.  I am constantly surprised at the range of pricing for the exact same item


Sign up for retailer emails

Most times, you will be offered a discount off of your purchase by doing so.  You can also get special offers and discounts not always visible in store or online.



Check the Sales Sections

If you don’t already know exactly what you are looking for, check the sales sections. I have found some great deals on similar items that are on sale because it may be a color going out of stock or an older model.



Shop through this app

Seriously though.  If you are going to online shop, you NEED to be shopping through this app.  Not only is it free, but THEY PAY YOU to use it. The amount may vary, but I have no problem with getting money back on purchases I would be making either way.  Last year, I received over $500 in cash back!  Here is a link that will give you an extra $10 off your first purchase through them!


Start looking early.

Be patient, I have noticed that things tend to always go on sale at some point. Jump on those good deals and enjoy the benefits of scoring a great gift at a great price.


Keep checking our gift buying guide, as we see sales or great deals, we will update our posts.  Meanwhile, tell us what your favorite tips and tricks are to getting great deals and check back soon for our Home Essentials gift ideas.

Happy Shopping!


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