Vibrant Buys- Mothers Day Edition 5



By now we have filled your mind full of fun ideas to help get your mind going as to what to do for those awesome moms in our lives OR what we want to hint at receiving for ourselves. 🙂 No shame, lol..

We are all so different and the things we enjoy vary, so if you love these ideas, but you aren’t totally confident in buying an actual item for a gift then gift cards are always a great option.

The one rule I make with a gift card is that it must come with a card or note of some kind so that your gift card can become a personalized memory to associate with the kind things expressed to them.  I know for me there is nothing better than hearing that what I do is noticed or appreciated and I am sure you can never go wrong letting your mom know what you love about her, what you learned from her, and/or how she has influenced your life for the better.

To end our series of Mother’s Day Gift giving, we Vibrant Life sisters want to highlight our mom by each sharing what makes her special to us!

Jennifer: Some of my earliest memories are of people telling me how lucky I was that I got to have Laurin as a mom!  I AM lucky!  My mom is a great example of serving others.  She is fun and silly.  She wants to make people happy.  She comes up with the best ideas.  She makes me want to be better to try to be more like her!

Amy:  My mom is the absolute best.  She is someone I can laugh with, cry with, banter back and forth with or just enjoy spending time together.  She is always kind and thoughtful to others, and is such a great example of unselfish love towards others.

Melissa: I don’t think I could have asked for a better mom. She’s always been there for me full of love and support and encouraged me to do my best. I can call her when I just need someone to talk to and she always lends her ear. She is kind. She is beautiful. She is hard working. And she did a heck of a job raising 6 kids. Happy Mother’s day Mom!

Heather: My mom is in the very fabric of my childhood memories. The smell of fresh baked bread. Walking in the door after school and FEELING her warm presence at home. Snuggling together while watching a show. Playing cards and trash talking:).. She was at almost every game I every competed in. On the street she is the kindest, most soft spoken woman you could encounter. But put her on the bleachers at one of my games, and she was cheering at the top of her lungs unashamed. I think back on those memories and feel so much love and gratitude for her. For always being there for me, and all my siblings. For always being a comforting presence. For being the biggest cheerleader in my life. For her patience and her wisdom. As I am now the mom and have young kids of my own, I can only hope to mother them in the way I was mothered. I love you Mom!!

Christa: I strive to be more like my amazing and beautiful mom every single day. When I was younger (and because I am an imperfect human), I remember the times when I would have to admit mistakes to my mom. After coming forward with my wrongdoings, she always seemed to envelop me in her arms to let me know that she loved me unconditionally, and that her love could never lessen regardless of what choices I made. She had a huge impact on me with this one seemingly small trait, but it is a trait that I implement with my own children to this very day. Not only is my mother one of the most caring people I know- but she is a comedic genius, and is such a joy to be around. She makes me feel good about myself and helps me to find humor and happiness in this roller coaster we call life.

DJ (token brother who we don’t refer to often enough…): I love my mother because she is my example of what real love looks like. No matter the trial or hardship, she has always been willing to put others first. I’m thankful for that love in my life because it’s helped me to get through some really hard times unscathed and stronger because I always knew I had her support. She’s just freaking amazing!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s, we hope you know how special you each are!

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