Vibrant Buys- Mothers Day Edition 3

Sometimes the best gifts are a thoughtful card, a homemade treat, something that reminds you of your mom, or an experience you can share together.  Here are some ideas to help your mom feel special.


Bath & body works candles

I love when my house is clean AND smells great.  These candles never fail to fill my home with wonderful scents – and right now they have the CUTEST decorated candle jars just for mom. Whether you want it to smell like summer (Pineapple Sunrise), need a little aroma therapy (Stress Relief), or want a house to smell like freshly baked deliciousness (Praline Pecan), these candles never disappoint.  Buying tip: while these candles retails for $24.50 each, they regularly have sales and promotions.  If you are patient, you should always be able to buy these candles for no more than $13.00.  I have been able to purchase them for less than $8.00!

(Right now, Bath and Body works is having a buy one get two candles free sale plus $10 off a purchase of $30!)




Speaking of delicious smelling homes…who doesn’t love fresh flowers?!  They brighten up any home, smell delightful, and are a great thing to add along with a nice card:




A Sweet Treat

Everywhere I look there are innovative delicious baked (or in some cases unbaked) stores popping up.  Here are some suggestions for those with a sweet tooth! $27 for a dozen cake bites 19.95, cookies 24.95-34.95, brownies and lots more fun idea! $15.00/ four count

If they want a drink with that cookie…





How about a little pampering, to go with those sweets?! I love any opportunity I can get to pamper myself, but I rarely make that time.  Receiving a massage or treatment can be just the thing you or your loved one needs this Mother’s Day.  Elements Spa is my favorite spot, and they always run monthly specials that are fun to try!




My siblings and I are all married and out of my parent’s home.  As a result, one of the things both of my parents love the most is time with us.  How fun would it be to give the gift of an experience such as a cooking class to do together?!




You know your mom’s best, hopefully we have provided you with some great ideas to help pamper your mom and let her know she is special.  What are your favorite ways to be pampered?


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