Vibrant Buys- Mothers Day Edition 2


When did I change from the person who appreciated a set of pots more than “fun” stuff?! I don’t know, but I do know that I love me anything good and functional for my kitchen – the room I spend a good portion of my day in.  Here are a few suggestions you can give your mother or ask for yourself with the best deals for each product!


Pressure cookers

Pressure cookers are a trendy hit.  They save time, my meats always are fall apart flavorful, and they are just great.  I know everyone loves the Instant Pots, but I bought my Cuisinart Pressure Cooker 7 years ago and have never looked back  I LOVE it! LOVE it!

Cuisinart pressure cooker $74.99 currently on amazon



Insta Pot

If you are set on an Instant Pot though, I hear they are great too!

Instant pot (this one on amazon currently comes with some accessories) $99.95




Need a cheaper item to add to a gift or thoughtful card?  These Pampered Chef grippers are my favorite go to item.  They say they are just for handling hot items out of the microwave, but I use them to pull everything out of my oven too.  Not having to worry about my hot pad flipping onto my freshly baked cookies? Yes, please!

Microwave grippers $8.00



Fun Servingware

Another kitchen area that I find myself loving, but not always having the budget to spend on is fun servingware.  From bowls to platters of all shapes, colors, and sizes, I always love when I am given items to add style to my food.  Pier 1 and Target are my favorites right now for cute kitchen AND home décor finds such as these:


Watermelon Serving Bowl $29.99


Farm Fresh Serving Tray $24.95

Citrus Dip Set $10.36


Libbey Serving Set $19.99


Your turn!  Share with us your favorite kitchen finds!


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