The Vibrant Bite Q&A

The Vibrant Bite is jam packed with powerful content that can help women everywhere live a more VIBRANT life.  Here is a handy dandy Q & A to help you decide if this product is a good fit for YOU!

Q: How does The Vibrant Bite help me when recipes are free on Pinterest?

A: Great question. There is so much free content on the internet, and as women- we kinda think pinterest helps the world keep turning:). The truth of it is, you are right. There are lots of great recipes for free on Pinterest.

However we know the Vibrant Bite still adds value even in the age of Pinterest:

  • We pride ourselves in the fact that we are providing you with recipes that are nutrient dense for your family. Not always the case on Pinterest.


  • Recipes in The Vibrant Bite always include accurate nutritional content.  Not always the case on Pinterest.



  • Tested in our own kitchens, we make these recipes as easy to prepare as possible. All ready in about 30 minutes or less. Not always the case on Pinterest.


  • The comprehensive and detailed shopping list is the real stand-out gem of The Vibrant Bite. You are not just receiving recipes, but The Vibrant Bite details exactly what you need to stock your refrigerator and pantry with so that you are fully prepared for each week of meals. You are set for success by only making 1 trip to the grocery store for all of your weekly needs. This saves you time and money. 


  • Planning and organization are two other key components that set us apart from Pinterest. You receive weekly meal guides with a month long perspective, purposely placing recipes near each other that use similar ingredients. This saves you time and money. 



Q: Would the recipes work with my picky family?

A: Another good question. Between the 5 of us we have 15 children and we definitely know what it is like to feed picky little tummies. These recipes are kid tested and husband approved.

We don’t believe in gross food, The Vibrant Bite recipes uses normal ingredients. Your kids won’t feel like they are eating cardboard, and we promise to never present you with liver and boiled spinach. 🙂

Where applicable, our recipes include notes on how to please picky eaters. Many times we put the separate dinner items on the table and let them create their own bowl. (Example, Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry. Brown rice, chicken, stir fried veggies and sauce all go on the table. The kids get to make their own bowl choosing what looks good to them. This is a winning situation every time.)

With family favorite recipes from our own childhood- we are confident even your pickiest eaters will be pleased. Dinners like Homemade Pizza, Lightened Up Mini Meatloaves, and Chicken Burrito Bowls and breakfasts like our ‘Daddy’s Special Eggs’  are always crowd pleasers.


Q:  I like having flexibility in my meal planning and workouts – does this still help me?

A: The Vibrant Bite is intended to be a guide rather than a strict regimen. Use the recipes and workouts that serve you well and incorporate them into your routine. This is a valuable resource for you to implement in the way that helps you live your VIBRANT life.


Q: Does the Vibrant Bite address food restrictions?

A: Admittedly, we do not. The Vibrant Bite meal plan is basic and does not address food restrictions. For this reason, if you have serious food restrictions this product might not be for you.

However, because this is to be used as a template, we hope you will use it in the way that works best for your family by making the necessary adjustments. Don’t eat meat? Leave it out, or substitute with tofu. Don’t get gluten? Substitute our ingredients for gluten free. We currently have clients with both those situations and they are still finding great value in The Vibrant Bite.


Q:  I’m a beginner at exercising, will your workouts be too hard for me?

A: The Vibrant Bite workouts are designed to be appropriate for every level. Beginners especially. Each workout includes a range of reps or sets. As you get started, simply aim for the lowest end of the range. For example, do 2 rounds of our 5 minute AMRAP when we say ‘Aim for 2-4 rounds’.

Also, by clicking on the link of each move you will see descriptions of how to perform the move correctly as well as modifications to make it easier or harder.



Q: There are lots of free workouts out there. What makes this a better option?

A: True- there are many free workouts out there between Pinterest and social media. But are they all quality?

  • The Vibrant Bite workouts are carefully created by our team of expert personal trainers.


  • You know with our workouts that you will be properly warming up the correct muscles and joints that are being targeted in each workout.


  • We use sound program design and years of experience to ensure that our workouts are safe and effective for you.


  • Each move used in our workouts has a link leading you to our exercise library. Here he offer instruction on how to perform the move properly. And when needed- how to modify to make it easier or harder.


  • Each workout includes core work that will help ensure one of the most important muscle groups in your body gets all the love it needs.


  • And each workout ends with appropriate stretches to ensure the muscles you used are lengthened and strengthened while they are warm.


Our workout routines are safe, effective and fun!

Q: Is the Vibrant Bite really worth the cost?

A: Who doesn’t love to be money wise, so this really is an important question. Consider the typical cost of the following:


Adding up all these costs, you’re looking at $550- $670 per month for food and fitness.



The Vibrant Bite Basic subscription saves you the need for a gym membership, a personal trainer, a nutrition coach, and added grocery and fast food costs. All for only $19.99/month– easily absorbed into your monthly food budget.

The Vibrant Bite Premium subscription has everything from the Basic package PLUS:

  • Virtual Online Grocery Store Tour (educating you to save time and money while grocery shopping)


  • Weekly access to our team of personal trainers through our weekly live coaching call


For only $34.99/month this is an incredible value.


Q: Is The Vibrant Bite a contract or can I cancel at any time?

A: The Vibrant Bite is a subscription. Your card will be charged automatically once a month and you will receive the content once a week.

You can cancel at anytime. Upon cancellation, your auto pay will be discontinued  and you will no longer receive the weekly emails.


The Vibrant Bite is exceptionally priced, and value packed. Get started today and begin to live VIBRANT!


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