Why the Vibrant Bite is right for you

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Our approach to women’s wellness is simple and fun. We are not focused on diet or even weight loss. Instead we empower our clients to develop healthy relationships with food, movement and self confidence. Through ‘The Vibrant Bite’ we are able to give you access to our powerful coaching at a ‘bite-sized’ price!

Read on to see why the Vibrant Bite is right for YOU!

You are free to make your own choices

This is not one of those products where you are tied to a certain diet with certain portions.  We do not force you to live our version of a healthy life, nor do we expect you to report back to us and feel ashamed that you have not met our expectations.  There are no expectations from us!  We want you to create those for yourself based on what your version of a healthy life is and be accountable to yourself.  It is up to you to figure out what a vibrant life means to you, and we are huge supporters of that.

Define what “Vibrant” means to you

The Vibrant Bite is a tool to help you on your journey to find your own VIBRANT life.  We offer expert crafted meal guides and workouts that can fit into your personal health lifestyle.

This is not a strict plan. You do not have to eat every meal or do every workout. There is no ‘falling off the wagon’ here.

Don’t like salmon?  That’s OK- Trade it out for another meal that you like better.  Don’t like doing a certain workout move?  No problem- use our exercise library to swap for something that will work instead.

We are not telling you what to do every time you turn around and we do not place limitations or boundaries on your choices.

Rather, The Vibrant Bite gives you tools and valuable content so you can make your own choices on what a healthy lifestyle means to you. The VIBRANT in the way that works for you:)

You don’t have to count calories or macros

Some people thrive on knowing their numbers while other shrink up and feel confined. We do list the nutrition information and portion sizes for your own knowledge. Refer to it if that helps you. Ignore it you’d prefer.

We encourage healthy lifestyle and intuitive eating. Not dieting. Instead we encourage you to eat healthy food when you are hungry, stop when you are full, and feel the benefits of having nutritious food fueling your body.



You will build a healthy relationship with food and movement

We don’t care how much you weigh.

Did you read that correctly? WE DON’T CARE HOW MUCH YOU WEIGH.

We believe optimal health is so much more than numbers. Instead, we give you tools to build a healthy relationship with food and movement. Our meal guides are full of delicious recipes- you will realize that fueling your body tastes good and can be easy. Our workouts are quick, fun and effective. You don’t have to suffer or do anything you don’t like to do.


A Vibrant Life for you

A healthy lifestyle is important for so much more than just how you look on the outside. Yes your healthy choices over time can lead to physical changes. But there are so many amazing non-scale benefits to being healthy. And THIS is what we focus on. When you treat your body with LOVE- you feel better, your body functions better, you have more energy, you sleep better… the list could go on and on! (You can read this blog post to find out more detail about the non-scale benefits of a healthy lifestyle)

Don’t let the scale determine how you live your life or determine your worth. We can guide you to a VIBRANT life.

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If you still have questions, read our Vibrant Bite Q&A HERE.

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