The Ladder Workout

Do you get stuck in a workout rutt?  You do the same thing day after day and you just need something to spice it up a bit?

Or are you someone who goes to the gym and doesn’t really know what to do?

Sometimes, the same old workout routine can get boring and you can stop seeing the results you need.  You just need to mix it up!  Here is a great format that you can interchange any move into and get a great workout!

Its called the Ladder.

You start by doing 1 rep of each move.  Then do 2 reps of each move, then 3 reps and on up to 10 reps of each move.  Then you move down the ladder by doing 9 reps of each move, then 8 reps down to 1 rep of each move.

I usually pick 3-4 moves to do a ladder workout with.  Here are 4 lower body moves you can try in your workout!  You can click on the name of the move for a complete explanation of how to perform them correctly!


Goblet Squat




Glute Bridge


Forward Lunge


You could do an upper body, cardio blast, or an ab ladder workout!  The varieties are endless!


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