Ultimate Guide to Why you Need Strong Glutes

A nice looking butt is a desire of most people, but your glutes do more then just look good.

You are probably asking yourself,

Why do I need strong glutes?

Your butt consists of your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and the gluteus minimus.  These muscles work together to hold you upright and are engaged when you stand, sit, jump or balance. Glutes have a hand in almost every movement your body makes!  Because of this, strong glutes impact your performance in every move you do as you workout!


Did you know that having strong glutes are good for so many reasons?

Weak glutes could be the reason for your back, knee or ankle problems!  When people go to the doctor with an injury, weak glutes are always part of the problem.

Why is this?

The body works as a whole unit.  When your brain tells you to sit, muscles and joints work together to accomplish the task. Your body will do whatever it takes to accomplish tasks.   If there is a part of your body that is weak or tight, other parts will compensate to still allow the job to get done.

For example, if my glutes are weak, my hamstrings will work harder to support me as I sit. If this compensating persists, it will cause strain to any joint, ligament, or muscle the hamstring comes in contact with.  Muscles and joints performing jobs they were not created to perform put additional strain on them and overuse injuries will occur.

So what do glutes have to do with back, knee or ankle problems?

The glutes support the hips, a major crossroad in your body.  If your hips are unstable, the adjoining muscles and joints will compensate, which are your back and upper leg.

When your upper leg is tired from compensating, it effects your knee, which in turn will effect your calves and your ankles.

Do you see how a weak hip causes a chain reaction?


How can I get a better butt?

Keep in mind that like all other parts of your body, you can not spot fix.  To obtain a more toned body part, you must strengthen the muscle by lifting weights as well as shed body fat by watching your calorie intake.  Changing your body requires hard work and dedication!

To grow your butt, focus on it!

Do moves that will specifically work this part of your body.

Start will a small amount of weight, and add to it as you get stronger. The more resistance you use, the more your butt will grow!  The weight should challenge you and bring you close to failure on your last reps. Why do you want this? Fatiguing the muscle results in stronger muscle fibers to grow, which makes the muscle stronger!

There are many different moves that will give you strong glutes. Some favorites are:



-Hip Bridges

Focus on your glutes as you work them, making sure you really squeeze and engage them. Changing the angle of these simple moves will further add to an overall toned butt. Do side lunges, curtsy lunges, Bulgarian split squats, donkey kicks, single leg squats… the variations are endless! These simple free weight moves engage more layers of your muscle then weight machines do, so opt for using hand weights!

A bonus is that because the glute muscles are so big, you burn major calories as you work them!


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