Recovery Strategies to Get You Back Moving


There are many people who feel like they have to work out hard everyday.  When you do not give your body a chance to rebuild and recover, your muscles become over fatigued and injury will occur as a result.  It is essential to have some recovery strategies in your hip pocket that you can implement often!  Here are a few you can try.


A good nights sleep is one of the best ways to recover.

This time allows your body to rebuild and replenish, getting you ready to go again the next day!  To allow proper replenishing and rebuilding, you need to make sure you get enough sleep.  7-9 hours is suggested.

Not getting enough sleep is one of the most prominent problems athletes connect with feeling fatigued during workouts.  Enough sleep allows you to improve cognitively, your motor performance is enhanced, and your reaction times are quicker.


Another great way to recover is to wear compression garments.

Compression garments apply pressure to the lower and upper body extremities, in many options.  Studies have shown that wearing compression garments during and after a workout has been associated with some improvements in muscle soreness, muscles swelling, and blood flow.



Have you ever tried self-myofascial release (foam rolling)?

You take a foam roller or roller massager and lay on top of it in the area you want to work on.  You then move your body back and forth over the roller, massaging that area.  This has become a popular way to enhance mobility, flexibility, and recovery.  Why you ask?  As the roller moves over your muscle, it is shown to enhance blood flow and remove metabolic byproducts of exercise. As the roller moves over the muscles, it lengthens the fibers and relaxes them after intense exercise.


This last option is not one that I prefer, but it has its benefits.  Cold water immersion.

The idea is that you sit in freezing cold water.  The low temperature works to alter your blood flow and reduces cell swelling, metabolic reactions, and neural conductance speed.


So if you suffer from fatigue, try one or more of these recovery techniques!  You will not regret it!!


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