Push Up Variations to Take you to the Next Level

Push ups are a classic move because of all the benefits it offers, and there are so many push up variations to mix it up.

-They can be done anywhere.

-You don’t need any gym equipment or fancy facilities.

-They can do them at home, on vacation, or a work trip… you can do them anywhere!

It is also a great, simple move that works so many different muscles in your body, including your chest, shoulders, and abs. It is a great move to master to increase over all body strength.

Mastered the classic push up and want to challenge yourself? (If you want a step by step guide of how to do a push up, read this blog)

There are countless push up variations. If you are bored with the traditional method, then mix things up!

Today, we are going to highlight the differences between doing push ups with your arms far apart compared with doing push ups with your arms close together.


 Push up Variations #1- Hands Wide Apart

The wider your hands are, the more your chest muscles are recruited in this push up variation.

The motion is very similar to doing a bench press, only you are facing the ground.

-Place your hands wider then normal.  Maintain a strong, straight body the whole time.  Lower yourself towards the ground, and push back up!  Repeat as many times as you can while maintaining good form.

 Push up Variations #2- Hands Close Together

Another option is doing push ups with your hands close together, under your shoulders.  In this push up variation, you will be using your triceps more.

-Your elbows will stay close to your body as you lower yourself down, and push back up again.  As with all push ups, make sure your body stays in a straight line and your neck is neutral.  Always engage your abs to support your back.


Give these push up variations a try and let us know what you think!

Stayed tuned for even MORE push up variations in upcoming blogs.

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