Running in the Dark? 5 Night Running Safety Tips

Many people take their workouts to the streets or trails, and with winter time fast approaching, darkness is an issue that needs to be addressed. Night running safety is something everyone needs to learn more about.

As it gets dark, you have a hard time seeing in front of you, and cars have a hard time seeing you!   As you go out in your neighborhoods, there are few things you need to keep in mind to ensure your safety.


5 Night Running Safety Tips


– Do your research by checking out the areas for potential routes.

Find neighborhoods that are well populated and streets that are well lit.  You do not want to go down dark allies or past problem properties, which could happen if you don’t have a planned route in place.  Check out the route in the daylight so you can make sure everything is as safe as possible.


-You should never run alone.

Find a friend to join you or bring a dog.  Not only is company great for making time fly, there is also safety in numbers.  Also, if you were to get hurt, someone is there to help you.


– Invest in a quality head lamp.

It is important to see what is on the road in front of you so you do not roll your ankle or trip and fall and scrape yourself, making it hard to finish your run.  It is also important to have a light so that oncoming traffic can see you.


-Wear reflective gear.

It could be on your jacket, shoes, pants, or a light weight vest.  Cars need to be able to see you, so do what you can to be visible to them.  Without a way to stand out, a car will not be able to see you in the dark.


-Utilize online resources, like Google maps, to create your route beforehand.

This way you will not get lost, but will know exactly where you are and how to get home.  It is also great for tracking your mileage.


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