Vibrant Buys- Mothers Day Edition 4


You or your mom have eaten treats, relaxed at a spa, and/or learned how to cook more deliciousness! Now it’s time to hop over to the Vibrant Life Studio and get your workout on!  I love to feel like I look good, especially in group workout situations, but I also want gear that will hold up and last.  Here are some fun, functional, and durable workout clothing suggestions



This is one of my very favorites brands.  Not only are their items durable, they 100% guarantee them and a lot of their items work great for workouts as well as day to day wear.  I can’t tell you how many times I have worn an item for a workout that I have then dressed up another time for work.  I love them!  Here are some my favorites right now.


Speedlight tank $44.00

Foothill tank

Racer Run Short $39.00 I haven’t tried these yet, but they are supposed to be amazing!

Another tip: always check the sale sections of any website you are browsing!





Another popular workout clothing option.  These are the two items my sister, Melissa, swears by


Anything Swiftly Tech –here is a long sleeve shirt for $78.00


Align Crop $88.00






I am a hardcore Nike fan.  They don’t make much that I don’t love, and I specifically love their shoes.  These Nike Metcons are a gem in the gym and they have a great variety of colors and styles





My friend was just telling me that Target’s C9 capris were recently voted as a top five capri by the Today show.





How cute are these water bottles?! You could personalize them even or browse the rest of the water bottle selections to find what will help you want to stay hydrated for only $18.99/6pack



Even though the Vibrant Life Studio is such a great and fun environment to sweat and push yourself, there are days when making it to the gym is just not in the cards.  I have started to build my workout stash so on the days I have to stay home I can still get a workout in.  Here are some of the items I have recently purchased and love


Slam balls starting at $24.00 but varies based on weight


Wall balls start at 14.99, again varies based on weight


Free weights starts at 9.99 for my favorite target style


Tell us!  What is your favorite place to buy workout gear?  Is there a must have fitness item we all need to know about?!

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