4 Reasons You Need Strong Abs

Everyone wants a six pack.  Why?  Because they LOOK awesome!!!

The importance of strong abs is for more then just good looks.

Your abs are part of your core, which includes your pelvic muscles, hips and the muscles that support the spine. Strong abs contributes to a healthy core, forming a powerful axis for your whole body.


Here are 4 reasons why having strong abs are so important.


1- Strong abs, or core, creates a strong body overall

On a purely functional level, strong abdominal muscles are important because they are at the center of all activity and alignment.  The abdominals connect your upper and lower body.  Your limbs stem from your torso and need the support from those muscles for all movement.

To create force in arms and legs, your torso needs to stay neutral and your core stabilized.  Because of this, you rarely complete an movement that does not use your abdominal muscles.  For example, did you know that when you do a push up, your abs are engaged, even though you don’t feel them?  They are hard at work!  Your strong abs hold your torso tight and help support your body weight as you lower yourself down and push yourself back up.



2- A strong core improves athletic performance

Did you know that strong abdominal muscles have a huge impact on athletic performance?  They do!

Strong abs increase muscle control in running, twisting, turning and helps with explosive performance.  Take running for example.  Your arms and legs stem from the core, which makes their performance ability interconnected.  As your core is strong and tight, your arms and legs are allowed to move with more control and speed.  Another key element to a proper running technique is to keep your torso stabilized to minimize hip and spine rotation.  This is achieved with strong abdominal muscles.


3- A strong core prevents back pain

Have you ever suffered from back pain? If you have ever had your back go out, you know how life altering it is.  You can barely move at all!  So taking care of your back is absolutely vital! One reasons for back pain is weak core muscles.  Your back muscles are forced to compensate for the weak abs when your torso needs support.  Over time, these muscles become over worked and injury occurs.  Also, strong abs, back, obliques, and core muscles work to stabilize and protect your spine, which adds years to your life and allows you to be able to do all the things you love to do!



4- A strong core improves posture

One more great reason that abs are so important is that a strong core helps with posture.  Not having the musculature to hold things in proper alignment causes bad posture.  Strong abs are one area that needs to be strengthened to fix your posture.


Your core muscles help hold the hips into alignment, so if your hips are aligned properly, everything else will be too.  Your spine will hold itself upright and straight, and your hips will be level and will support your weight more evenly.   Proper posture is important because it lessens wear and tear on the spine and surrounding muscles and ligaments.  Not taking care of these areas could lead to serious problems.


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Do you see why strong abs are so important?!

Make core moves a part of your workout everyday!


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