Ultimate Guide on Meal Prep For the Week

This is your guide to doing meal prep!

Days are busy. Errands, house chores, work, helping kids with homework, soccer practice…you name it.  Such is the life of a mom.

When meal time comes around, trying to prepare something healthy rather then grabbing what is convenient can be hard.  But providing our families and ourselves with nutritious meals is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

So how do with do it?

The key is planning ahead of time and making sure everything is set and in order when the meal comes around. Read on to find out how to meal prep for the week.


Start by making a meal plan for the week.

Decide what your family will have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day.  Yes, I said breakfast and lunch.  These meals often get over looked and either end up being fast food or skipped all together because you did not make a plan.  And neither option is a great one.  But if you make a meal plan of what you will eat and prepare ahead of time, you can have three nutritious meals every day!

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The next step is to create a grocery list.

Itemize all ingredients that will go into each meal.  Make sure you account for everything!  You don’t want to end up hitting fast food because you didn’t have everything you needed for that meal.  Be specific on how many chicken breasts you need, or what bread you want.  The more specific you can be, the more ready you will be for the week.


Now tackle the grocery store!

Remember as you shop that the healthiest items are on the perimeter of the store, so try and keep a majority of your purchases there.  If time is precious, try the curbside ready options most stores have!  You enter your list online, and the store associates will grab everything for you so you just have to show up and put it in your car!

Now that you have all the food, the next step is the most vital.

Meal prep

Take one day a week to prepare for the upcoming meals.  Look through all your recipes and see what you can do in advance.

For example:

-Cut up fresh fruits and vegetables and portion them so they are ready to go.

-Put chicken in marinade and put in a Ziploc bag so it is easy to throw on the grill.

-Assemble a casserole in a foil pan or put all crock pot meal ingredients in a ziploc bag so they are ready to throw in the oven or crock pot.

If you wondered how to meal prep for the week, these tips will help you on your way to a heathly lifestyle!


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