Holiday Weight Gain? 6 Tips to Minimize How Much

November and December are seasons of eating.  Parties, desserts, and large meals dominate this time of year. But it doesn’t mean that you have to pack on the pounds!  There are many things you can do to minimize weight gain during the holidays.


1-  Have a plan

Decide what you will eat and in what quantities.  Plan how many calories it totals and make sure it fits in with your current goals.  You can use calorie calculator, like MyFitnessPal, to help you with this.



2- Avoid Drinking Alcohol

The holidays are generally a time to celebrate, which involves alcohol.  Alcohol increases your appetite, resulting in you eating more then you intended. Try to limit your consumption to limit calorie intake.  Opt for sparkling water instead!  It is nice and bubbly and comes with no calories!  There are so many flavors to choose from, there is bound to be one that you like.



3- Don’t let yourself get too hungry leading up to the big meal

“Saving” calories by not eating anything is not a good plan because you end up over eating due to how starving you are.  Eat small meals every 3-4 hours so you keep your hunger under control. These meals should include whole foods, like fruits and vegetables and lean protein. Then when a big meal comes, you won’t overeat because you already feel satisfied.



4-Have dessert!

There is no reason to cut out everything delicious.  Save room for it during your meal by minimizing your portions.  This mentality will stop you from eating mindlessly.  Also, plan dessert into your daily food plan and stop at the predetermined serving size.  As with everything, keep all things in moderation.  You don’t have to cut it out, just eat the proper portion size.



5- Use substitutions

Do what you can to save calories in the meal by making substitutions in recipes.  Use applesauce instead of oil.  Substitute black beans for flour.  Reduce the amount of sugar a recipe calls for.  Bake instead of fry. These small adjustments add up to make a big difference in calorie totals.



6- Make sure you exercise!

Not only does exercise limit your holiday stress, it also burns those extra calories you ate.  There are limitless ways to move your body, so find what you enjoy.  Make room for it in your day by planning ahead and making it a priority.  Exercise is so good for you emotionally, physically, and mentally, so don’t skip this!

Follow these tips and you will make it through this holiday season with no weight gains.

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