How To Do a Basic Pushup

Pushups are a timeless move.  People have been doing them for generations.  Why, you ask?  Because they work!!!  Pushups are a simple way to work your whole body with no equipment, and it produces amazing results! You work your chest, shoulders, triceps, and abs all at the same time!  And because you are engaging so many muscle groups, you burn serious calories.


How to Do a Basic Pushup

We will begin with how to do a basic pushup.

-Set your hands are slightly wider then shoulder width apart with your feet on the ground, as in a plank position.

-Your body should be held in a completely straight line.  No butts up in the air or sagging on the ground.

-Your head should be neutral with your spine, so do not bring your chin up or down. Don’t shrug your shoulders up to your ears but keep your shoulders down.

-Clenching your glute muscles as you perform this move will help support your spine. You are now ready to do a push up!

-Inhale and lower your body down towards the ground until your arms reach a 90 degree angle.

-If you want more of a challenge, you could even lower yourself further until your face almost touches the ground.

-Hold the position for a second, and then exhale as you push yourself back up to your starting position.  Do as many reps as you can with good form.


If the basic push up is still too difficult, that is ok!  There are easier things you can do to build up your muscles so that you can work up to a full push up.


How to Do a Push Up for Beginners

Work your way up to a full push up by starting on a smaller scale.  Doing a push up against the wall will help build your chest muscles and enable you to work up to a full push up. Here is how to do a push up against the wall.

-Lean with your hands against the wall, slightly wider then shoulder width apart, around the height of your shoulders.

-Place your feet a few feet away from the wall.

-Keep your body in a straight line as you do this move, just like the traditional push up

-Lower yourself so your face almost touches the wall, and then push yourself back up.

Once this becomes easy, pick a lower surface, like a counter or bench to work off of.  Continue to work down until you are ready for the floor.


The Next Step to Do a Full Body Push Up

If a full basic push up on your toes is too difficult, but an easier push up against the wall is too easy, in this next step we will show you how to do a push up on your knees.

-Align your hands as in the traditional push up, but put your knees on the ground instead of holding yourself up on your feet.

-Keep your body straight as you perform the push ups.

-Lower yourself towards the ground, and then push yourself back up.


Good job!  Keep working at whatever level is best for you, and you will continue to get stronger and work your way up to a strong body.


There are many varieties of push ups ranging from beginner to advanced.  If one way gets too easy for you, bump it up to a more advanced version!  The great thing about push ups is that you can continue to challenge yourself by changing things up a bit.

If this helped you learn how to do a basic push up, how to do a push up against the wall, or how to do a push up on your knees, then check out this blog post for more push up ideas!


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