Women Should Lift Weights- 9 Reasons Why

There are many women out there who believe that lifting weights will turn them into a female Hulk. For this reason they steer clear- preferring the cardio machines.


Friends- this is myth. Women should lift weights! Yes you can find female Hulk’s out there, but only through a lot of time and concerted effort on their part. You won’t fall into that camp unless you want to be there.

There are so many health benefits for why women should life weights. Here are 9 of the best:


1. Lifting weights boosts your metabolism naturally

Metabolism is a chemical process in your body- basically controlling the use of calories to provide energy to your body. A higher metabolic rate means more calories burned throughout the day. The more lean muscle mass you have, the higher your metabolic rate.  Also, women should lift weights because our metabolic rate is lower then mens.


2. Protect your knees

Women have a wider pelvis then men, thus creating a larger angle to where the femur meets the tibia. This larger angle can lead to many ACL injuries. (We know all about this one.. Heather tore her ACL in college and there is nothing fun about a knee injury…)

Building strength in a women’s hips has shown to decrease this risk. Squats and lunges are examples of some exercises you can do to strengthen this area.

3. Stronger muscles equals more independence

Have you ever had to have a man help you get the top off of a pickle jar?  Or needed a man to help move furniture for you? Strengthening your muscles gives you independence to be able to do all of these things by yourself!

And as we age, we need strong muscles for independence too. Simple acts of daily living like getting up and down from your chair require strength. Those who consistently strength train over a lifetime will be able to stay independent longer.

4. Resistance training helps your bone density

Why is this important?  As you get older, women are prone to osteoporosis, which is a weakening of the bones.  As you lift weights, your bone growth is actually stimulated. You can not only offset bone loss, but can actually increase your bone density by regularly lifting weights.

5. Weight training can elevate your mood

Did you know that women are twice as likely to suffer from clinical depression then men?  During resistance training, norepinephrine, dopamine and serotonin are released, helping exercisers experience a greater sense of well-being.  Strength training also leads to increased energy, better sleep patterns, and a feeling of accomplishment.

6. Improved posture

Proper posture leads to injury prevention, as it puts all joints in proper alignment.  Strengthening the back of the body helps pull those shoulders back to where they are meant to be.  And it also looks better when you stand up straight.

7. Weight lifting gives your body shape

Strong is the new sexy. A tight and toned body is not earned on the treadmill. It’s earned in the weight room.

8. Strengthening your muscles lets you be active through your later years of life

By strengthening muscles and improving done density, women can stay active for a longer period of time.  It is also important to note that increased hip and leg strength aid in mobility and balance, helping you avoid damaging falls, and upper body strength helps with your posture, thus reducing back and shoulder injuries.

9. Stronger muscles create better athletes

Strength training can lead to better functional movement, explosive power, durability, and greater overall strength.  What sport would not benefit from having these kinds of benefits?

There are many good reasons to weight train.  Want to start lifting but don’t know where to start? We’ve got your back. Sign up for one of our many programs where we will walk you through each move. Making women’s wellness simple and fun is our passion. And we promise you won’t turn into the female Hulk:)

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