Top 5 Partner Exercises to Add Fun to your Workouts

Do you workout alone?  Is it hard to stay motivated?  Do you get bored?

When the routine gets boring, shake it up a bit!  Exercise with a friend with these partner exercises.  There are many benefits to this, including increased socialization, stimulation of the mind, reduced boredom, and improved program design.


These partner exercises are high intensity.  Feel free to modify these to fit your fitness level.  You can do these moves for a certain amount of time or for a certain number of reps.



5 Partner Exercises

Side Shuffle with Medicine Ball Toss

Stand 5 feet apart from your partner.  In a squatting position, throw a medicine ball back and forth between you and your partner as you shuffle laterally.


Resistance Band See Saw

Stand 5 feet away from your partner, each of you holding one end of the resistance band.  One of you raise your arms up over your head while the other squats and lowers their hands to the ground.  Then trade!



Stability Ball Pass

Both partners lay on the ground with their feet touching.  One person has a stability ball in their hands above their head.  Both sit up and transfer the ball to the next, and lay back down.  Repeat!


Stability Ball Squat Walk

Partners stand facing each other, placing right hands on a stability ball at shoulder height between them.  Squatting low, walk laterally.  When you reach the end, switch hands and walk laterally back the other direction.


Medicine Ball Slam and Burpees

One person will perform a burpee while the other slams a medicine ball towards the ground.  The ball is then thrown to the person who was performing the burpee and tasks are switched.  The second person slams the medicine ball to the ground while the first person performs a burpee.  Continue to alternate!


Now that you have some all over body moves, exercise with a friend to help make your workouts more enjoyable!

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