Fall Asleep Fast with these 10 tricks

Not getting enough sleep is one of the most prominent problems athletes connect with feeling fatigued during workouts.

Enough sleep allows you to improve cognitively, your motor performance is enhanced, and your reaction times are quicker.  It is also one of the things you can do to recover. (Check out our last blog post for more recovery strategies) So you can see why getting enough sleep is so important!

We should be getting 7-9 hours of sleep every 24 hours with 80%-90% of this during the night.  If you are not at this amount, work to gradually increase it!

Read on to find out how to fall asleep fast.



I know if can be one of those things that seems easier said than done.  We lie in bed and try to will ourselves to sleep, but this only adds to the stress more and then it is even harder to fall asleep!

So here are some tips you can try to fall asleep fast at night!



*Set a bed time and stick to it.  If it is hard at first, keep trying!  Your body will get used to it.

*Go to bed and wake up around the same times every day.  This gets your body on a routine, and you will sleep better as a result.


*If you need to take a nap, minimize it to 30 min and don’t take one late in the afternoon.  Taking a long nap in the afternoon will make it more difficult to fall asleep at night when you should.

*Focus on your breathing as you try and fall asleep.  Purposely slow your breathing and take deeper breaths.  This will reduce anxiety and allow you to sleep sooner.

*If you struggle to calm your mind so you can fall asleep, try using relaxation techniques and creative visualization.


*If you can’t fall asleep in 15 minutes, get up and do a mundane task.  This will get your brain to calm down and you will feel tired.

*During hot months, make sure you keep your room cool.  It is hard to sleep with you are hot!



*Avoid drinking alcohol and coffee in the few hours before bed.  These stimulants will keep you awake.


*Avoid watching TV, eating, working, or reading in bed.  Your brain needs to recognize your bed as the place to sleep, not as a place for other tasks.  Setting the bed aside solely for sleep will help you sleep better.


*Try not to eat too much food and watch how much you drink right before bed.  Your body will be active digesting and will not want to rest.


Hopefully one or more of these tips will help you fall asleep fast and you can get the rest you need!


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