10 Amazing Non Scale Victories

It can be hard to count our non scale victories when all we care about is what the scale says.

Once upon a time, there was a girl (me) who stepped on the scale with high hopes!  I had been killing myself at workouts every day and strictly watching what I ate.  (Cutting back on the amount of food I was eating was a serious struggle for me!)  So when I stepped on that scale and saw the number that reflected back at me… I started to cry.  I was so disappointed!  I felt that all my hard work and sacrifice was for nothing.  The thought had crossed my mind of making a batch of cookie dough and eating the whole thing to drown my sorrows would be a good idea.

But I didn’t listen to that thought.

Because I got dressed and realized that my pants were actually fitting loser then they used to!

My efforts WERE paying off, just in a different way then I was looking for!

There are literally hundreds of benefits to living a healthy lifestyle other than how much we weight!

Here are 10 of my favorites:


Clothes start fitting better

The scale is not a great measure of whether or not the habits you have changed are actually making a difference!  Sometimes you do not lose pounds, but you do lose inches!  When you notice your clothes start fitting your differently, feel good about your accomplishment!



Improved blood pressure

Your blood pressure is s something that is measured when you go to the doctor, but you may not know exactly what they are measuring.  They are checking the pressure of the blood as it is passing through your veins.  The number they get from this measurement tells them how healthy your cardiovascular system is.  A high blood pressure means that your cardiovascular system is under a lot of pressure and your risk of a heart attack or other cardiovascular problems increases.  A low blood pressure reading is a sign of overall better cardiovascular health.  If you have high blood pressure, there are things you can do to change this!  Living a healthy lifestyle by being active and eating good foods will improve your cardiovascular system.

To find out what your blood pressure is, you can measure it very easily yourself at home, go into a doctor’s office and ask for it to be measured, or most drugstores carry blood pressure cuffs for a reasonable price.


Improved self-confidence

Working out and eating right makes us feel so much better about ourselves!  There is a huge sense of accomplishment at controlling our cravings and lazy tendencies.  Anytime we can succeed at something, it boosts the way we feel about ourselves, which in turn, leads to so many other doors opening for you!



Happier and more outgoing

We are more likely to be happier when we live an active lifestyle.  When we take care of our bodies, we naturally feel better about ourselves, which makes us love life more.  We don’t want to hide and wallow in our misery like we may have before, but we are more likely to get outside and live life to its fullest!


Less depression

Studies have proven that getting out and being active can actually alleviate symptoms of depression.  Why? When you exercise, your body creates endorphins, which is a natural anti-depressant.   The chemicals released create a feeling similar the that created by morphine.



Reduced or eliminated medications

Some medications are taken to help us with things that are related to living an unhealthy lifestyle.  While modern medicine has done amazing things to help people, it can have adverse side effects and can be quite costly, so getting to a point where you don’t need to take them could be incredibly rewarding!

When you change old habits to newer, better ones, you solve those problems the medications used to be needed for, such as heartburn medicine or insulin for diabetes. Living a better lifestyle can help get rid of or reduce your drug doses, which would also benefit you in the lessened side effects you experience.


Think more clearly

And let’s not forget the mental clarity a healthy lifestyle brings!  I mean, how great is it to not forget why you walked in to a room? Or to not have your brain be so foggy to not have to read things over and over again to comprehend it?


Fall asleep easier

Sleep is something that most people don’t get enough of, and their everyday lives suffer because of it.   Getting a good night’s sleep helps your day go better and sets you up to be successful.  You are also better able to handle stress with a good night’s sleep, which we all could use!  You also benefit with weight loss, gut health, metabolic health, and insulin sensitivity.  So you can see why getting enough sleep every night is so important!  When you work out, you fall asleep sooner and sleep more soundly, which in turns gives you all these amazing benefits from a good nights sleep.

Read our blog post about other things you can do to help you sleep better


Energy levels are higher

Do you feel like you can do more and not get as sluggish since you started living a better lifestyle? When we put bad food and too much sugar into our bodies, we get a short- term burst of energy and then we crash. Or that false sense of “get up and go” from caffeine hits us and we have so much energy, and then we come off of that high and feel worse then before we drank it.  Eating a higher protein, lower fat and lower carb diet will give you amazing energy from the inside out. Living an active life every day will also give you more energy throughout your day.


 Fitness Gains

Can you run further than you could? Bike faster? Lift more weight? All those things are improvements in your fitness.  You could increase your fitness performance without losing a single pound.  But considering the huge strides you have taken in your fitness goals are so rewarding!  Becoming more fit means that you are doing all the things you should be doing and receiving all the benefits mentioned above.


So now that you know some of the other benefits, change the way you look at the consequences of a healthy lifestyle and start opening your eyes to all the other amazing things happening in your life!


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